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Behold, the land of Milk & Honey Shoes

Ladies, do I have amazing news. The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: customized shoes. Yes, there are already shoe sites that let you customize sneakers. I have a beautiful pair of one-of-a-kind Nikes, for example, but this is different. We are entering new territory. We are entering the land of Milk & Honey.

Milk & Honey Shoes is a website that allows women to customize their stilettos, pumps, flats and loafers with an easy-to-navigate platform that makes “the perfect shoe” an attainable goal for anyone.

The company was born in 2011 when Dorian Howard and her sister Ilissa were frustrated with the lack of flexibility that came with choosing footwear.

“With dresses and pants if you wanted to change something you could take it to the tailor and alter the neckline or hem, but there was no way to do that with shoes,” said Howard.

So like anybody who hailed from an entrepreneurial family, the sisters decided to build a company that gave women the option to customize their footwear.



“We looked at the landscape for building a startup and knew we needed to do something unique to stand apart from the rest,” Said Howard. “We wanted to give women the ability to have creative control of their shoes and be comfortable with purchasing them online.”

A word of warning, however: you get what you pay for. Shoes are priced anywhere from $150 to $300 but they come true to size and are guaranteed to be great quality.

Just like with any online shoe company, Milk & Honey also has collections if you’re not up for designing your own shoe and they also have a charity section. Celebrities design their own collections and if customers buy the shoe as is, 100 percent of the proceeds go to the charity of the guest designer’s choice.



Comedian Whitney Cummings is April’s stylist and her chosen charity is Operation Smile. Past designers include Ginnifer Goodwin and Rachael Ray and during Earth Week the company also pledged to plant a tree for every pair sold.

“Shoes are definitely a luxury item so we want to do what we can to give back,” said Howard. “We know that a woman who can spend $200 on a pair of shoes comes from a pretty lucky place in life and we want to honor that by helping those who aren’t as fortunate.”  

Milk & Honey Shoes just hired a new team and are constantly expanding, so this Shoe Mecca promises to be around for quite some time.




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