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Community Blog / Advisor Spotting: Larry Myler's 'The Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur.'

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Larry Myler, CEO of By Monday, Inc. is of MeetAdvisors own. With over 20 years experience in business development, business strategy, and entrepreneurship, his advice is indispensable in a changing entrepreneurial climate. As a contributor for Forbes Magazine, he recently wrote about what distinguishes the intrapreneur from the entrepreneur. He offers four trends and patterns that accurately describe the distinguishing factors from what may work to what often does not. His experience has led to the conclusion that “Most people believe intrapreneurs are simply internal entrepreneurs who can be expected to act in the same ways, be driven by the same motivations, and respond similarly to a wide array of circumstances. These are naïve assumptions that, more often than not, will derail intrapreneurship.” For more on Larry Myler and the rest of his article head over to his profile on MeetAdvisors and his piece in Forbes Magazine:Intrapreneurs Are Just Like Entrepreneurs...NOT!

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