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6 Hilarious Business Lessons from Movies

Business education just got a lot better than your previous college courses.

1.  Boiler Room: Chris (Vin Diesel) closes a sale in a little over a minute for a big profit. 

 2.  The Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan (Leonardo Dicaprio) wins over a customer and sells him 40,000 shares of a stock in a minute, leaving his coworkers in awe. 

3.  Trading Places: Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) tells the Duke brothers his estimates on stock prices. 

4.  Office Space: Peter (Ron Livingston) is just about to finish his work for the week and all he has to do is avoid his boss. 

5.  Tucker, The Man and His Dream: Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges) has an excellent speech for his presentation, although he doesn’t realize that certain elements may not be appropriate for the event. 

6.  In Good Company: When Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid) meets his new boss Carter (Topher Grace), an underling, tension begins that will eventually explode. 

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