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5 Tips to Avoid Being Hacked

In a world where technology rules, and personal privacy is slowly diminishing, hacking is at the back of everyone’s mind. Several large stores have recently been hacked, and consumer information has been stolen. With organizations such as Target and Amazon being hacked, this is becoming a huge concern for consumers and businesses.

Storing information online is impossible to avoid for businesses and consumers. We are reaching a point where security either needs to be greatly improved, or all of our personal information will end up as public knowledge

There is no turning back; we will never stop using the Internet for things like banking and shopping. This means that we must move forward quickly. Amazon, iCloud, and other online databases are facing this problem daily.

So what can we do to protect ourselves?

1. Keep your computer and your Antivirus updated-

This is coming from someone who never updates their computer, but I have made a conscious effort to begin to do so as soon as an update comes out. Yes, it is annoying to always be updating your computer, but it is a key step in protecting yourself from hackers. Keep Antivirus software and operating systems updated.

2. Don’t store important info on your computer-

This may seem obvious, but I cannot tell you how many people I know with a file on their computer that holds key information such as passwords. You are just asking for it, keep this information somewhere that the whole interwed doesn’t potentially have access to.

3. Don’t click on sketchy links-

Again, seemingly obvious, but in a land where every website you go to has adds and popups, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to determine which ones are legit. I will usually click on Facebook and Google ads, but avoid ads from other websites. Use your own discretion, and be smart about what you click.

4. Regularly change passwords-

We all have our go to password, but this is one of the easiest way to get all of your accounts hacked. Be sure to change passwords often, and make them long. 123456 is one of the most popular passwords. Make sure that yours is unique, and that you don’t use the same password for every account!

5. Be careful about what you download-

I always hear stories about people who downloaded a doc from email, or a cool app, and then got a virus. Just be sure that you know who the doc is from, and if it looks sketchy ask the person about it.

I get twitter emails from friends asking me to download something, and I always check with them to make sure that it is a real link. 90% of the time they say that they did not send me anything. Just be smart, and double check before you click.

The Internet isn’t going anywhere, and our lives will only become more Internet based. This means that we must work to keep ourselves safe from hackers. There are many ways a hacker can access your information, so I recommend staying knowledgeable on the topic.

Do you have another tip to avoid being hacked? Post it below.


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