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3 Best Autumn Hikes to Get Your Lungs Pumping

One of the best things about being headquartered in Chicago is that the Midwest is gorgeous in the autumn. The changing foliage across lush forests and in trees planted along busy streets pops against the sky and helps us forget that soon it’s going to be dark at 4 pm. Whether it is biking, hiking, or climbing, this autumn hit some of the best scenic trails in the Midwest, listed below. 

Going on a long hike does wonders to pump oxygen through your blood, strengthen your lungs, and relax you. You will be amazed by how invigorated you will feel after completing a challenging trail and by how it clears your head. You might be one park visit away from your next big business breakthrough… or at least a chance to unwind and oxygenate with clean air away from the city. 


Dells of the Eau Claire River

Probably the most difficult hiking environment of our selection, the Dells of the Eau Claire River has a twisted path that is surrounded by large rocks and picturesque greenery. Formed originally by the Ice Age, the path follows a river that is connected by bridges and lined with towering trees.

Katy Trail (Missouri)

The Katy Trail is the largest rail-to-trail bike path in the United States, starting just northwest of St. Louis and follows the Missouri River west for 225 miles, twisting through small towns, farmland, prairies, and even wine country. The path is surrounded by tree-lined ridges and cliffs overhead. 

Ashtabula County Covered Bridges (Ohio)

The Benetka Road Covered Bridge was build around 1900 and then renovated 85 years to provide generations with autumn joy. The bridge spans the Ashtabula River and is one of the 17 historic and reconstructed bridges in the county. The county even hosts a fall festival, and bike ride through the county will take you to orchards, vineyards, and beautiful lake towns in scenic Ohio. 

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