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15 Startups We Want to Feed Us

15 Startups We Want to Feed Us



If you’re not hungry now, you will be after reading. These startups either produce crave-worthy consumable goods, or point you in the right direction to find them. Let’s indulge our appetites, shall we?


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1. Züm XR 160

Züm XR

Founded and operated by outdoors enthusiasts, Züm XR produces energy drinks containing a green tea extracts. Their product is set apart from other energy drinks because of the tiny time-release beads, which provide energy for 3-5 hours after consumption. Their drinks are also GMO/Gluten free, vegan, and lower in sugar than most other energy drinks.

2. Chia Vida 85

Chia Vida

Chia Vida produces delicious drinks that fill your body with goodness. They are made with matcha, a caffeinated green tea from Japan; and chia seeds, which are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Buy it online or in retail stores around the Dallas, Texas area.

3. 61

Ever dig through a bag of trail mix, only to leave behind all the cranberries? With, you can custom make your own mix, including only the ingredients you like, leaving out the rest. From banana chips to butter toffee peanuts, walnuts to wasabi peas, your perfect snack combination is waiting to be created.

4. Freight Farms 7

Freight Farms

Freight Farms repurposes freight containers into functioning, self-contained farming devices called “Leafy Green Machines.” Through hydroponic farming, edible plants such as herbs and lettuces can be grown without planting anything in the ground. LED lights provide artificial sunlight, and are regulated to mimic night and day. Best of all, you can grow all year around, in virtually any location.

5. The Food Trace 6

The Food Trace

The Food Trace makes it possible for consumers to know exactly where their food comes from, in the name of sustainability. Their website tells you where you can find food that is traceable, all the way back to the farmer who grew the food. They also promote urban farming and restaurants that grow their own food by providing users with local options.

6. Frozen Pints Ice Cream 3

Frozen Pints Ice Cream

Two very important worlds have collided: ice cream and craft beer. Frozen Pints is the company responsible, providing seven different flavors that synthesize the traditional take on ice cream, with the flavor of real craft brews. Best of all, they actually contain a bit of booze.

7. MobCraft Beer 3

MobCraft Beer

MobCraft Beer claims to be the first brewery in the world to be completely crowdsourced. Every month they propose four new micro brews; the one with the most pre-orders gets manufactured. Keep ordering past winning beers until the run out – just make sure they ship to your state!

8. Shurky Jurky 3

Shurky Jurky

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Shurky Jurky is making some beautiful “jurky.” Sweetened with pineapple instead of sugar, naturally high in protein, and made completely from scratch, you’ll forget all about that gas station jerky. Order it by the bag, or order a jurky subscription to receive it monthly or annually.

9. 313Energy 2


Detroit, MI is home to 313Energy, where a portion of the money made from each can is invested back into the city of Detroit. Originally a school project, members of an entrepreneurial club created 313Energy. Additionally, and different from most other energy drinks, the ingredients are natural and intended to give you healthy energy without the crash and burn.

10. Whynatte Latte 2

Whynatte Latte

Intended to become a beverage that bar patrons would know by name (i.e. Fuzzy Navel, Screwdriver, etc), the Whynatte latte was first and foremost a piping hot latte, with a shot of Jagermeister dropped into it. Now, Whynatte is a company making a canned coffee beverage used as a mixer at bars, or to be enjoyed on its own, of course.

11. Mental Mojo 1

Mental Mojo

Do you wish the water in your bottle were flavored? Does your brain need a boost of focus? Mental Mojo is a convenient way to enhance your water on the go and contains nootropics, amino acids, and vitamins, all of which promote cognitive health. It also comes with four nationally recognized health certifications so you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects.

12. Teaity 1


While not actually producing a beverage, Teaity will help you find delicious tasting teas by using their mobile app. Once you have located a tea to try, the app also shares specific steeping instructions provided by the manufacturer of the particular tea. Users can search by brand, tea type, and even by internationally recognized tea certifications.

13. BlackRock Brewers 0

BlackRock Brewers

Starting in 2012, BlackRock Brewers have been contributing to Tucson, Arizona’s craft beer scene. The company has created six staples, as well as seasonal beers. Almost at the completion of a Kickstarter campaign, BlockRock Brewers is sure to continue producing quality microbrews.

14. Olo Yogurt Studio 0

Olo Yogurt Studio

If you live in the Albuquerque area, seek out Olo Yogurt Studio for healthy, naturally produced frozen yogurt. Besides tasting good, their fermented yogurt contains healthy bacteria that can strengthen bones, improve the immune system, as well as overcome lactose-intolerance. You can even download their app to vote for future flavors!

15. American Dive Bars 0

American Dive Bars

American Dive Bars provides an online resource for the enthusiasts of pubs, taverns, and cocktail lounges. Excluding big chains and franchises, the staff members at American Dive Bars have catalogued numerous drinking establishments that promote the community feel of the dive bar environment. They also have a comprehensive beer and cocktail directory.

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