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14 Startups Taking the Country By Storm

14 Startups Taking the Country By Storm



The startups featured on this list are all unique in their own way and also provide new services to both consumers and other businesses.  Here are 15 that are taking the country by storm!

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1. Flyer 302953


Flyer is an all-in-one tool to build, share, and track marketing and client engagement for real estate.  Their platform allows you to monitory your listing, gives you access to weekly campaign reports, and even lets you prioritize efforts to close more deals.  Flyer is an online platform that can be used for both retail and residential real estate.

2. Teaman & Company 67825

Teaman & Company

Teaman & Company has married modern technology with beautiful, colorful jewelry in order to give you the luxury you deserve.  Their gorgeous gemstones are paired with beautiful designs, and their industry expertise changes how you experience the purchase of fine jewelry.  Customers collaborate with a personal concierge to build your custom ring from start to finish. Your jewelry should be as distinct as you are, go create it, today!

3. Thinknum 36419


Thinknum is a web platform for financial analysis that is trusted by investors and traders.  Their platform helps them make faster, more informed decisions.  The platform can be used for research, data analysis, and collaboration, which allows teams to generate unique insights.  Their many tools allows data to be viewed in a way that is actually understandable, rather than unorganized and confusing.      

4. NativeAd 25556


NativeAd is a technological platform that serves branded content in integrated formats of native advertising in editorial spaces of publishers.  They also offer real-time engagement and social amplification metrics.  This marketplace is built for advertisers who want content integrated into publisher articles, which educates or entertains the audience.  NativeAd’s platform distributes and measures real-time branded content through multiple devices in different Publishers.

5. YogaTrail 19536


YogaTrail’s yoga directory provides users with independent reviews and yoga-centric criteria for evaluating a studio, teacher, training program, or yoga retreat.  Because yoga and the experiences associated with it vary so widely, detailed ratings and reviews by real visitors and students are used, rather than just reading promotional descriptions.  This information can actually help you make a decision before going to yoga, but it also helps professionals communicate with the yoga community as well.

6. Cargobase 15338


Cargobase provides premium freight management in the cloud through their advanced online platform and global network of providers.  By leveraging their global network, they are able to build and expand your own group of preferred providers.  The result?  Cargobase-powered shipments see a significant improvement in cost reduction and control.  Their team of premium freight experts and IT engineers makes Cargobase an all-in-one software and logistics company.

7. aftcra 144


aftcra is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell American, handmade products.  Their business is just as unique as you are.  Their mission is to support local artists and artisans living in America by connecting them to consumers who admire handmade goods.  Their commitment to selling only handcrafted goods is at the forefront of their business, and there are no fees to list items.    

8. Shippo 31


Shippo makes shipping simple, easy, and cheap for ecommerce stores and other marketplaces.  Their mission is to find the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable delivery option for your customers; they even allow you to send and sell internationally without all the hassles.  Their intuitive web interface and API for your shop, helps find the best delivery option for your needs.  Shippo is revolutionizing the way businesses send goods without losing the traditional quality of expensive shipping.

9. DetraPel 16


How many times have you spilled on your new favorite shirt and couldn’t get the stain out so the shirt was ruined?  DetraPel is the future to a stain-free world!  DetraPel’s mission is making people’s lives easier by protecting all of your favorite products and materials from ever getting wet or dirty.  DetraPel is a water based, 100% non-toxic super hydrophobic spray that sprays on your materials clear and dries as a durable coating when applied to a solid material.  It’s fully biodegradable, 100% eco-friendly, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.  

10. Doorman 15


Doorman is a unique solution to missing your package deliveries.  There’s nothing quite like the experience of ordering something online and opening up the package the second it hits your doorstop.  But when you’re at work, the gym, or running errands, most packages won’t just be left on your doorstep.  This is where Doorman steps in to solve that problem.  They deliver at night when you’re home from your daily responsibilities, and they even let you schedule the hour that you want it to arrive.  

11. Enchanted Diamonds 7

Enchanted Diamonds

Enchanted Diamonds is an alternative to overprice diamonds.  By eliminating the middlemen between diamond mines and their customers, they are able to provide the most beautiful stones at reasonable prices.  Their attention to engaged customer service, guidance, and transparency helps customers go through the diamond buying process.  With over 150 years in the business, you can expect a luxurious experience at an affordable cost.

12. Reesio 6


Reesio focuses on CRM plus transaction management for modern real estate professionals.  Their industry expertise lends to the fact that they have built a clean product that takes into account all the legal and compliance features that agents require.  This one-stop-shop solution for the technological needs of modern real estate professionals provides customers with full transaction management, CRM, listing syndication, and more.  The simplicity of their solution is obvious - everything is in one place, with no separate e-signatures or accounts required.

13. Mountary 6


Mountary is changing the way people hang their artwork with their customizable, simple pricing, and free shipping frames.  Simply measure the size of your artwork, check the price bracket, and order.   Mountary is making it easier and more cost effective to get framing work done; they offer mobile delivery of custom frames built by local craftsmen as well.

14. HeTexted 3


HeTexted lets you give and get advice whenever and wherever you need.  Their iOS app lets you upload screenshots of your text messages, get feedback, vote if “He’s into you,” and give advice to others as well.  HeTexted is a relationship platform that gives you unbiased advice on whether or not “He likes you.”  It gives you the answers you want immediately, who haven’t been previously influenced by your situation.

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