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Here are some local startups that Mabbly thinks are making their mark in business in Portland, Oregon:

1. Urban Airship

Urban Airship helps companies gain access to consumers’ mobile devices. They create a process to create, deliver and manage of cross-platform mobile messages, in-app messages, rich app pages, Apple Passbook passes and Google Wallet cards. 

2. AppFog

AppFog created a platform that works as a service. Using multi-language and multi-infrastructure support, AppFog works with developers worldwide to deploy tens of thousands of applications. AppFog’s products deliver a platform for deploying applications in the cloud. 

 3. CPUsage

CPUsage provides an environment to install and configure an application the same way you would on your own computer. They package and deploy your environment to the cloud and provide an API to execute the application. They also handle cloud management, distribution, scaling and everything else. 

4. ShopIgniter

ShopIgniter uses a social media platform to allow digital marketing companies to reach their social and mobile consumers. The Igniter platform was created to deliver, manage, and measure social media advertising campaigns in social streams that drive product discovery, engagement and advocacy across networks and devices.

5. Puppet Labs

Puppet Labs is an automation software that helps system administrators manage infrastructure, from provisioning and configuration to patch management and compliance. Using Puppet Labs, customers can automate repetitive tasks, deploy critical applications, and manage change, on-premise or in the cloud.


Wildfang is a brand of clothing targeted to women interested in “tomboy” fashions. They’re an online shop curated with items like wingtips, bow ties and button down shirts. 

7. Silicon Florist 

Silicon Florist was started to help provide a repository for technology startup news (particularly web-based, mobile-based, and open source technology) from Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area. Silicon Florist works to monitor the Rose City and the Silicon Forest, trying to help 1,000 ideas bloom.

8. Elemental Technologies

Elemental Technologies is a supplier of software video solutions for content delivery to any device. The company uses software-defined video processing to distribute video over IP networks. The Elemental platform produces video via turnkey, cloud-based and virtualized deployment models. Elemental helps pay TV operators, content programmers, broadcasters and enterprise customers bring video to any screen, anytime – all at once. 

9. Athletepath

Athletepath’s goal is to make events meaningful and memorable for amateur athletes. They do this by growing their social sport platform in order to centralize valuable resources, inspire athletic participation and celebrate individual achievement.

10. Jive Software

Jive is a provider of social business solutions. Their products apply technology that helps people connect, communicate and collaborate to get work done and solve their business challenges. 

Know any Portland startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list!


Posted by Renata Sandor
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