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15 High Tech Companies to Look Out For

Different companies have different software needs around the world. These companies work to address some of those needs through software, cloud-based technology, data analysis and more. Often, the better a company can harness and utilize their technology, the more likely they are to achieve their goals.

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1. Cherwell Software 22

Cherwell Software provides IT service management software that doesn’t require any coding or extensive data and tech experience. Their easy-to-use dashboard helps companies automate and standardize their business technology and streamline the upgrade and maintenance processes.


2. Berkshire Associates Inc. 2

Berkshire Associates Inc. provides human resource software, services and training. They help companies with affirmative action, workforce planning, payloads, diversity and more. The software helps keep track and automate a lot of the human resource processes.


3. Coupa 1

Coupa uses cloud based procurement software to give their customers real savings. Their goal, back in 2006, was to make an easy-to-use software platform that employees at their client’s companies enjoyed using. Since more employees appreciate the software, they use it efficiently and save the company money.


4. Avtech Software Inc. 0

Avtech Software Inc. is a retailer that sells room monitors and sensors, as well as the compatible software and downloads. These sensors monitor and report on temperatures and environments. This is perfect for industrial settings where environmental data is important.


5. CrowdTwist 0

CrowdTwist is a corporate analytics provider that helps companies understand their customers better. Founded in 2009, they developed the idea of “multichannel loyalty.” This technology tracks an individual customer’s activities across different channels and platforms.


6. Computer Risk Management Inc. 0

Computer Risk Management is a management and consulting company, focusing on risk management software. Viruses and malware are a serious problems for businesses of all sizes, so Computer Risk Management has spent the last 20 years helping companies guard against problems


7. Computer Discoveries Inc. 0

Computer Discoveries Inc. is an ecommerce and payment company. They help retailers set up easy payment options for their own customers. They focus on real-time integration with the company’s system so that everything is streamlined and efficient.


8. Computer Data Inc. 0

Computer Data Inc. has been focusing on networking technology since 1983. They offer technical training and courseware. They provide lab equipment to help provide services remotely. Their goal is to train and support customers on software to make their companies run more efficiently.


9. CISCO Software 0

CISCO was founded in 1982 to help provide public safety software. They continue to grow their brand to meet new technological needs. Currently, over 300 city, county and regional public safety agencies use Cisco around the country. The software is simple to install and easy to use.


10. Chateaux Software Developmnent 0

Chateaux Software Development is a technology consulting company that focuses on business intelligence/analytics, application development and integration, data management, cloud computing and more. They have a “Define. Design. Deliver” methodology that helps their specialists create individualized options for each of their clients.


11. Caspio 0

Caspio uses an online platform to help customers create web forms, reports and web and mobile apps without coding. Their three main points of focus are service, excellence, and innovation. By focusing on these three attributes, they can deliver the best quality product to customers.


12. Camino Soft Technologies 0

Camino Soft Technologies offers a way to archive old documents on your computer and clean up storage space. Their software doesn’t require any extra hardware or storage space, but works with many different operating systems. The product archives old documents so that customers can still obtain them, but they don’t take up any extra space on your computer.


13. Birst Inc. 0

Birst Inc. provides Business Intelligence software and training to help people make better decisions every day. They use cloud-based technology to build an easy-to-use automated, platform that business management can use to analyze their company and make smart financial and productive decisions.


14. Decision Sciences Research Associates 0

Decision Sciences Research Associates is a consulting firm that helps auto clubs, retailers, non-profits, healthcare companies, public utilities and more with survey research and data-driven decision making. DSRA has helped companies learn about their customers to better expand and retain business.


Know any other software companies we should have included? Let us know in the comments below!


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