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Mabbly lists the 14 must-watch startups in Charlotte, North Carolina: 

1. Abbeydale 

Owner David Watkins started his custom line of upscale menswear, in 2007. Watkins named it after the Charlotte street he grew up on, and grew his business to a storefront with private-label wares and a vast clientele. His European sensibility and slim-fitted clothing is a ready to wear line, available in store and online.

2. Doing My Part 

Doing My Part is a community of united individuals that provide funding and resources to those dedicated to altruistic virtues. It is a way to collectively fundraise for complete projects for those in need. These projects are recorded live so those that give can be involved and see how their donation is helping to better the world. DMP works directly with nonprofit organizations and within the community, to locate people in need.

3. Fastnote 

Fastnote is a forum for sharing a point of view with politicians, policy makers, professors and more. Fastnote is positioned to take on the social media space to more directly inform politicians and key influencers. It presents a public platform that encourages discussion, debate and allows for any citizen to voice a concern.

4. Loudbounce

Loudbounce is a social commerce platform that enables users to capture advertising fees just like Facebook or Google by simplifying the merchandising and marketing process online advertisers use to reach the personal social pages and niche-properties. Loudbounce leapfrogs the centralized online networks by  automating key aspects of the merchandising and marketing process merchants and retailers user to communicate relevant products to new customers. 

5.  Modern Fabrics 

Modern Fabrics is a source for reclaimed, discounted designer interior textiles. It is both a retail shop and an online source for materials that began on the cutting-room floor. Modern Fabrics provides designer-quality fabrics to eco-conscious consumers who want to reduce waste and reduce demand for virgin materials.


6. PassportParking 

PassportParking is a provider of cloud-based parking solutions. They simplify the parking process and empower the provider with tools to ensure that the parking experience is seamless.


7. PISTOL Polish 

PISTOL polish is a subscription-based nail polish brand. Once you sign up, two full-size nail polishes are carefully selected, based on color trend studies and delivered to your door every month.

 8. Rawporter 

Rawporter protects, promotes and sells the photos and videos that everyday people post on social media. It allows for eyewitness footage to be distributed to breaking news coverage and pays the rawporters to find the media outlet eager to license it. They also send members out on assignments to spots media outlets are looking for, while letting them know how much they may be able to earn.

9. ShomoLive 

ShomoLive is a web based platform that helps local artists, venues, and their fans, with booking, promoting, communicating and discovering of their live music and entertainment events.

 10. Sweet Relish

Sweet Relish puts brands and products at the fingertips of the consumer.  They create original content for companies to drive consumer awareness and demand. Sweet Relish works with companies of all sizes to create and optimize to hit consumers through ad networks.

 11. Virtual Race Bags 

The Virtual Race Bags platform is reinventing the event experience by enabling event directors to create goody bags that provide a way for sponsors to connect to participants – and help events go green in the process.

 12. AddShoppers 

AddShoppers is a social marketing platform used by over 40,000 merchants to help sell more, online. It is the leading platform for innovative merchants to learn how to gain more exposure.

13. Edison Nation 

Edison Nation is an idea-to-shelf product developer, featuring an inventor community. Their mission is to bring innovation to the marketplace by bringing customer ideas and voice, to some of the most recognized companies. They help introduce product ideas that can then become licensing deals, on behalf of their members.

 14. 3tailer

3tailer offers products that range from home décor to lighting, furniture to office supplies, health & medical, outdoor& sports, and more. 3tailer provides under-served product categories by partnering with manufacturers and distributors. 

Know any Charlotte startups we should have included? Submit a comment below and we will consider it for our next list! 


Posted by Renata Sandor
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