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12 Boulder Apps for a Bolder Mobile Device

12 Boulder Apps for a Bolder Mobile Device



Boulder, Colorado is known for its awe-inspiring nature, progressive thinking, and now, its mobile app developers. Let's face it, your smart phone may be ready to be used right out of the box, but its real potential isn't reached until you download some third party applications. These 12 apps out of Boulder create solutions, whether it be for the average user, or the developing business.

1. Kindara 1009


Kindara is an app designed for women who are trying to get pregnant – or avoid it. The app allows females to track their menstruation cycle in order to get to know their own bodies, and to monitor their health. By measuring body temperature and cervical fluid viscosity, the app can determine when a female is most, or least, fertile. The app also puts women in touch with a community of other users who are also interested in tracking their fertility health.

2. WÜF 514


WÜF is the first dog collar that users can sync to their smartphones through a mobile app. The collar and app are still in their developmental stages, however, users will be able to track their pet’s activity and location remotely, as well as communicate with their animal via two-way audio. The product will be durable and water proof , and can also track how long a dog has been barking.

3. Makeena 464


Makeena has put together a solution for anyone who thinks eating healthy is too expensive. Users of the Makeena app are given access to healthy, sustainable food items that earn users earn money for purchasing. Shoppers are able to find food items from a variety of brands, and companies who sell food are able to market through the app. Makeena makes it easy to find exactly what users are looking for, by allowing them to search by brand, category, store, and even attribute (i.e. GMO-free, etc.).

4. Evver 120


Evver is an app that allows users to set music to their mobile pictures and videos in just a few minutes. After choosing a song from one of their database of music, photos can then sync up to the beat of the song, creating a professional product right from your mobile device. It is currently in its (free) beta stage but is being developed to have even more functionality in the future as a paid app.

5. Otixo 5


Avid cloud-users may rejoice: Otixo has created an app that combines all of your favorite cloud services into one convenient location. Easily transfer files from one of the 29 supported cloud companies to another all within the Otixo app. Search for files on all of your cloud services at once, or upload mobile pictures with a few swipes of your finger. Otixo also lets you easily share files with other cloud-users.

6. Quick Left 3

Quick Left

Quick Left helps businesses develop applications and design user-interfaces for their specific projects. With a team of 23 engineers, businesses can receive consulting on their project so as to avoid mistakes. They have also incorporated project-monitoring SaaS software called, so businesses are able to track the exact progress their team is making at any given point in time.

7. Splick It 2

Splick It

Founded in 2008, Splick It began as means to simplify the relationship between restaurants and their customers. Now they have developed a platform for restaurants to design their own app for their brand. Restaurants that create an app through Splick It that enables in-app payment and direct marketing to customers. Not interested in designing a unique app with their template? The basic Splick It app also helps restaurants connect with their customers.

8. GeoPalz 2


GeoPalz is an interactive fitness app that gives children an incentive to exercise. The app is a game that users are only allowed to play if they remain active. By syncing the app with a device called ibitz, parents can monitor the activity of a child, and the child is rewarded with game play. Parents can also set up unique goals and rewards for their children to achieve, meaning the more a child exercises, the more they are rewarded through the GeoPalz app.

9. surespot 2


Ever wonder who is reading your text messages and looking at your photos after you send them on your mobile device? Knowing that a third, unintended party could view the information and media you send to others is disconcerting, even if you have nothing to hide. surespot is an app developer with user privacy in mind. Using their encrypted messenger gives users the piece of mind that their information is completely protected. Their app’s code is also open-source, so anyone with technical know-how can determine the effectiveness of the app.

10. Ramen 1


Ramen is responsible for a new app that enables businesses to take product development further. When making a product, it is important for a company to consider if their product coincides with the expectations and needs of the customer. That’s where the Ramen Kitchen app comes in. The app allows users to create a “kitchen” where project team members are able to collaborate on the direction of a project. It also allows users to invite customers to check out progress of a product to gauge initial interest of the target customer base.

11. Ubooly 1


Ubooly might be the most adorable app on Earth. By bridging the gap between the traditional stuffed animal and the world of mobile apps, Ubooly has created an education-inspired solution for a child’s play time. Simply download the Ubooly app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, and place your device inside one of the Ubooly stuffed animals. The screen of your device becomes the Ubooly’s face which children can interact with to learn, play games, and even be reminded to brush their teeth.

12. MobileDay 1


MobileDay has developed an app that saves businesses money on their telephone service. Not only does MobileDay help expedite the calling process, it also allows users to make a call without even dialing a number. If a business has specific conference and international dialing rules, the app can be pre-programmed to comply. By using “Dynamic Dialing” the app is able to establish the most cost-effective number to call based on location, saving the company money.

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