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10 Companies that Make the Healthcare Industry Tick

10 Companies that Make the Healthcare Industry Tick



The healthcare industry doesn’t just stop at helping the patient.  In fact, helping the heath care provider can actually enhance the patients experience when using your service.  Here are 10 up and coming companies that serve the healthcare industry well.

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1. Epinex Diagnostics Inc. 2

Epinex Diagnostics Inc.

Epinex Diagnostics Inc. is a medical device company who is striving to revolutionize diabetes care.  Epinex Diagnostics Inc. creates rapid diagnostic tests that dramatically improve the flow of critical health information, which helps bridge the gap between patients and physicians.  This can help encourage more effective decision-making and medical intervention in a timelier manner. 

2. Springstone Patient Financing 1

Springstone Patient Financing

Springstone Patient Financing is a brad of Springstone Financial LLC, which provides consumer financing to help pay for some of your life’s most important expenses.  Springstone Patient Financing offer bigger loans at longer terms with lower fixed rates for patients who need dentistry, orthodontics, or fertility treatment. 

3. International Health Management Associates, Inc. 1

International Health Management Associates, Inc.

International Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA) was incorporated in 1993, and was formed in order to help client companies meet the demands and growing challenges of today’s changing healthcare environment.  Their mission is to increase the knowledge and profitable application of current and prospective practices, procedures, therapies, and technologies on behalf of client companies throughout the world.  IHMA, Inc. specializes in infectious disease and offers a uniquely creative and comprehensive menu of products and services to companies developing antimicrobial agents or susceptibility tests.

4. Hansen Hunter & Co. P.C. 1

Hansen Hunter & Co. P.C.

Hansen Hunter & Co. P.C. specializes in the financial health of healthcare companies.  Their certified public accountants and clinical professionals specialize in the retirement and long-term health care industry.  Because they listen to the customers needs, then use their expertise to help you reach your goals, Hansen Hunter & Co. has built an increasingly large number of clients.  Some services they offer include accounting, auditing, litigation support, reimbursement, and much, much, more.

5. Century Health Solutions, Inc. 1

Century Health Solutions, Inc.

Century Health Solutions, Inc. provides local independent life and health insurance agency for individuals, groups, Medicare, and annuities.  By partnering with their team, you will no longer have to wonder if you have found the right solution for your company – you will know because they will tailor your employee benefit programs to fit your administrative needs all within your budget.

6. DefinedHealth 1


DefinedHealth is a leading business development strategy consulting firm that has been assisting clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare investment industries for over 25 years.  Some of their services include opportunity assessments, therapeutic area growth strategies, and identification/evaluation of partnering opportunities.  Their unique depth and breadth of experience is what people call their “unconventional insight” into therapeutic area experiences.

7. Vista Radiology, P.C. 0

Vista Radiology, P.C.

Vista Radiology, P.C. is the largest, most highly sub-specialized radiology practice in East Tennessee, with a team of radiologists that cover every radiology sub-specialty.  Vista Radiology also provides general and specialty radiology coverage to ten hospitals, two breast cancer centers, two outpatient-imaging centers, and multiple physician offices.  Vista Radiology also specializes in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments to surrounding areas.

8. Geritrex Corporation 0

Geritrex Corporation

Geritrex Corporation’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality products to health care institutions, long-term care facilities, and wholesaler-distributors.  They specialize in pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing of various skincare, personal care, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products.  Geritrex Corporation also strives to provide cost effective alternative to many of today’s brand name products, while adhering to FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

9. Daktari Diagnostics 0

Daktari Diagnostics

Daktari Diagnostics develops simple, accurate, and affordable products that address the most pressing challenges in global health.  Their commitment to delivery critical diagnostic test results to clinicians and patients across the globe, has led to the development of their uniquely dedicated team of engineers, scientists, physicians, and global health experts.  Their mission is to treat their customers, partners, and colleagues with kindness and be a positive force in the community and the world.

10. Health Information Partners 0

Health Information Partners

Health Information Partners is a nationwide health information management firm, which is committed to professional excellence.  Since 1994, H.I.P. has been delivery timely and professional solutions that healthcare providers face in a reliable way.  Some of their services include compliance audits, interim managers, and coding assistance. 

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