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Jeff Beale
Internet Marketing Consultant

Professional Information

Expertise: Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social media
Years Experience: 10 - 20 Years
Location: Georgia
Company: The Marketology Group
Title: Internet Marketing Consultant
Number of employees: 1

Contact Information

Website: mrmarketology.com

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About Me


I am Jeff Beale, an Internet marketing consultant known to the business world as Mr. Marketology, has a passion for providing companies with practical marketing strategies that meet the bottom line. 


I have worked on marketing campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies and have seen increased year over year return in every case.  With over 12 years online marketing experience, I have a mission to help over 1 million business through providing marketing insights and resources.  Find out more about me and people I follow at www.mrmarketology.com


Reason to become an Advisor to Entrepreneurs

Mission: To empower over 1 million businesses with marketing insight and resources. This can be measured by the amount of social connections, feedback and registered members to the free SEO dashboard www.marketologygroup.com and marketing coaching www.mrmarketology.com


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